The Hunger Banquet

The Red Wing FFA is holding a Hunger Banquet Today. The reason we are holding a Hunger Banquet is to help show the unequal balance of resources all across world. At the Banquet the arriving guests will receive a card at random that tells then Who they are and classifies then as poor class, middle class, or rich class. Everyone at the Banquet will be divided into the class, just like the rest of the world, sixty percent of the guests will be poor, thirty percent of the guests will be middle class and ten percent will be rich. Each class will get a different amount of food, what they eat, and were they eat. All the guests will take part in a open simulation, meaning they can do anything they want, (within reason) for example if a rich person would like to give there food to the poor they can, or if the poor wish to protest the distribution of food they can. The guests are encouraged to be creative during this twenty minute simulation. There will also be a few students their who will be speaking on this topic.

Ben-Dakota Nutter
Red Wing FFA Reporter


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