84th National FFA Convention

This past week 16 students from the Red Wing FFA chapter attended the 84th National

The theme proudly displayed on the big screen before the Sessions begin.

FFA Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana along with 50,000-plus members, advisors, and guests from all over the Nation. The Conventions theme was “I Believe”.  The convention offered many activities for the attending members. They ranged from, walking around the shopping area, which included the FFA Mega store, The Career center, various workshops where students could learn about specific topics in the FFA, and there were also the Sessions which were held by our National FFA Officers.

At the shopping area there where shops set up where people could buy all kinds of clothes, jewelry, candy, and other neat little knick-knacks. At the Career center all different companies had set up booths so students could see and get information about their companies. There were also other fun games people could do to win prizes. During the sessions students would sit in the stadium and see the National Officers do the opening ceremony, hear speeches from Officers, and other guest speakers. During one of the sessions the National FFA had acknowledged all the Native American Tribes who have or had participating members.  The convention was an amazing and memorable experience for all who had the pleasure to attend.


Ben-Dakota Nutter
Red Wing FFA Reporter


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  1. Dr. Consetta M. Helmick says:

    I would like information on how Washington State University could get a booth for the education ventors show at the National FFA convention in Oct. 2012

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