Toward Zero Deaths

An Officer and three student FFA Leaders

Toward Zero Deaths met and decided to do a high visibility event regarding DWI on Superbowl Sunday.  Their plan was to have FFA, CHI (Chemical Health Initiative), and Law Enforcement provide volunteers to go to local restaurants and liquor establishments in order to raise awareness against drinking and driving in general, but especially on February 6th, the day of the Superbowl.

At each location on Friday January 28th, groups distributed posters, window clings, and drink coasters that were ordered through the Office of Traffic Safety.  Those who volunteered went out around noon and advocated for Safe Driving at the Elks, the BS Bar, Liberty’s, Beirstub and The Roxx.  The bar’s and restaurants were very accommodating and friendly to our volunteers.  One owner was particularly impressed saying “Safe rides home are important to us too, we need our customers to come back again!”

Students who attended include: Jessy Sandey, Paige Bystrom, Cayla Tousignant, John Wohlers,Bryanna Wittman, Dillon Lewis, JT Schneider.

We had a great turnout and hopfully our efforts have raised awareness about DWI and safe driving!

Zach Phillips
Red Wing FFA Reporter

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