Ag Open House and Plant Sale – Fri May 10

Stop by Red Wing High School on Friday, May 10 from 8am to 2pm for the Agricultural Science Open House! The event is open to the public and sure to be a great time with an incredible animal petting zoo, free food samples, colleges and universities and dozens of student projects and displays on the food fiber and natural resource industries. The FFA Plant Sale will also take place Friday from 8am to 6pm and continue on Saturday from 8am to 2pm, with great deals on annuals, perennials and hanging baskets grown by students in the Ag program. More information is available on Facebook by clicking [here].

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Teaching the Science, Art and Business of Agriculture.
Founded in 1928, FFA was born with the mission to educate tomorrow’s agricultural community. Because agriculture today is about more than planting and harvesting, today’s FFA benefits more than just future farmers. It includes future biologists, veterinarians, engineers and entrepreneurs of America. FFA makes a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through Agricultural Education.

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2012 Red Wing Shoe Fair

The 2012 Red Wing Shoe fair, this year went great. Red Wing FFA has volunteered for 2 years in a row to help run games, run food stands, and make sure people have a good time, both years were a success. Every year Red Wing Shoe throws a fair to celebrate all it’s members, employees, and their families. “It’s great to be able to help out, and watch the families and kids have a good time. You can tell Red Wing Shoe really appreciates their employees.” Former Red Wing FFA Reporter and current Red Wing FFA alumni Ben-Dakota Nutter stated. The fair is held at Red Wing’s Colvill Park and lasts all day. Red Wing Shoe brings in catering to feed everybody, and with bounce houses, carnival games, and lots of prizes it’s sure that everyone is guaranteed to have a good time.

Lindsay Kennedy
Red Wing FFA Reporter

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2012 FFA State Convention

On Sunday 26 Red Wing FFA members went up to The University of Minnesota to participate in the 2012 FFA State Convention. The Convention went from Sunday to Tuesday. This years state Convention’s theme was ‘We Are’. Red Wing had 5 CDE teams compete at State Convention. Several of the students help with Courtesy Corp, where they got to help set up for the conventions General sessions. Some students got to help out with packing up food for people in need around the world. Red Wing ranked 6th Chapter in Minnesota, and got the most service hours in all of Minnesota.

Ben-Dakota Nutter
Red Wing FFA Reporter

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The Hunger Banquet

The Red Wing FFA is holding a Hunger Banquet Today. The reason we are holding a Hunger Banquet is to help show the unequal balance of resources all across world. At the Banquet the arriving guests will receive a card at random that tells then Who they are and classifies then as poor class, middle class, or rich class. Everyone at the Banquet will be divided into the class, just like the rest of the world, sixty percent of the guests will be poor, thirty percent of the guests will be middle class and ten percent will be rich. Each class will get a different amount of food, what they eat, and were they eat. All the guests will take part in a open simulation, meaning they can do anything they want, (within reason) for example if a rich person would like to give there food to the poor they can, or if the poor wish to protest the distribution of food they can. The guests are encouraged to be creative during this twenty minute simulation. There will also be a few students their who will be speaking on this topic.

Ben-Dakota Nutter
Red Wing FFA Reporter


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Poverty Awareness

On Saturday, 25 Red Wing High School students made homes out of cardboard boxes and

Student making his home for the night.

duct tape where they would spend the rest of the night to help raise money for poverty, and help raise poverty awareness. The event was formed by the Red Wing FFA.  Each student got sponsorships from people in the community for 10$ to 50$. The amount of money raised was 380$ with cans also being donated. Although the night was cold, however warmer than an average November night, everyone enjoyed themselves and left with a new understanding of how some people spend every night.


Ben-Dakota Nutter
Red Wing FFA Reporter

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84th National FFA Convention

This past week 16 students from the Red Wing FFA chapter attended the 84th National

The theme proudly displayed on the big screen before the Sessions begin.

FFA Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana along with 50,000-plus members, advisors, and guests from all over the Nation. The Conventions theme was “I Believe”.  The convention offered many activities for the attending members. They ranged from, walking around the shopping area, which included the FFA Mega store, The Career center, various workshops where students could learn about specific topics in the FFA, and there were also the Sessions which were held by our National FFA Officers.

At the shopping area there where shops set up where people could buy all kinds of clothes, jewelry, candy, and other neat little knick-knacks. At the Career center all different companies had set up booths so students could see and get information about their companies. There were also other fun games people could do to win prizes. During the sessions students would sit in the stadium and see the National Officers do the opening ceremony, hear speeches from Officers, and other guest speakers. During one of the sessions the National FFA had acknowledged all the Native American Tribes who have or had participating members.  The convention was an amazing and memorable experience for all who had the pleasure to attend.


Ben-Dakota Nutter
Red Wing FFA Reporter


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A Start to The School Year

School will be starting this Tuesday. So will some of the great school activities that are being offered to our students. This month is an important month because of all the seniors’ starting their last year of high school, and the eighth graders starting their first year. To start the year off we have the Football game at the High School on Friday starting at 7pm. Also a bit later into the month we have the Region VIII Fall Leadership Day on Wednesday the 14th.  We can’t forget that we have FFA on Monday the 19th at 7:30. For our rec. we have our famous Jello Kickball. We like to wish all the students a good and fun filled year.


Ben-Dakota Nutter
Red Wing FFA Reporter


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CDE Teams

All of Red Wing FFA’s CDE teams have finished their regional meets.  All of the following teams competed in Regionals: Farm Business Management, Floriculture, Horse Evaluation, Parliamentary Procedure, Nursery Landscape, Meats Evaluation, and Small Animals.  Out of these competitions, Farm Business Management placed 3rd, Horse Evaluation placed 1st, Parliamentary Procedure placed 1st, and Nursery Landscape placed 1st and all of these teams advanced to state.  The other teams unfortunately did not place high enough to advance to state,  but still performed well.

Our CDE teams have made great improvements and have done remarkably better than last year.  Our Parliamentary Procedure team took first in the Regional competition over Zumbrota-Mazeppa who had, up until this point, taken first for the past four years.

Farm Business Management getting ready to compete.

Nursery Landscape took first over six different schools and won by over 400 points with all of our team members placing in the top 10 individuals (4 of whom placed in the top four).  Horse Evaluation also performed well in their competition and took first.  Farm Business Management took third in an extremely tough competition and their efforts lead them to state.  All of our other teams practiced hard and did relatively well in their competitions and our hopes and confidence are very high for them in their future competitions.

The CDE teams that advanced to state will compete at FFA State Convention on May 1st- 3rd.  We wish all of the teams good luck and we will post the results of State competitions once we compete and get our results back.

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FFA Week!

This past week (including today) was the National FFA week.  Every school and every FFA chapter celebrates this week in a different way but the base principle for FFA week remains the same, to  raise agriculture awareness and to let the community know that the FFA is still a strong and unified organization.  Here at Red Wing, we had dress up days for each day of the week, we had a teacher appreciation breakfast, and we have a lock in tonight (Friday the 25th and February).  The schedule for the dress up days goes as follows.

Tuesday: Blue Day

Wednesday: Gold Day

Faculty and Students at the Teacher Appreciation Breakfast.

Thursday: Duct Tape Day

Friday: Flannel Friday

The dress up days were mostly just for fun and to raise FFA awareness.  Our biggest project for FFA week was a Leadership Lock-in that we planned at the Red Wing Gymnastics Center.  It is literally a lock in, because it starts at seven pm tonight and goes until seven in the morning.  Some of our activities will include dodge ball, team building activities, leadership strengthening games, diving into the foam pit, and socializing with friends.  We have high hopes for this event and we already have many people signed up to attend.

Hopefully our efforts have raised awareness about FFA and provided fun and beneficial opportunities for the students at Red Wing High.

Zach Phillips

Red Wing FFA Reporter

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The National FFA Organization

The FFA Emblem - Agricultural Education

The FFA was founded as the Future Farmers of America in 1928.  The name has since changed to the National FFA Organization.  The student delegates in the FFA voted to do so because Agriculture reaches horizons beyond farming.  Farming is a vital part of Agriculture, but it does not define Agriculture entirely.

FFA highly stresses focus on leadership THROUGH Agriculture.  One of its main purposes is to inspire new leaders for a new era in the world.  It also strives to prepare students for the future and help them develop their own personal goals regarding their future careers.  It opens up a wide range of jobs and opportunities that involve agriculture for students in FFA.

Locally and globally, the world is in dire need of people who will stand up and be leaders.  Change and progression for good is what the world needs and will always need, and the FFA offers young, fresh minds the opportunity to be a leader in some way.  The community will improve based on the people within it.  It does not necessarily mean that everybody will hold positions of power for leadership, but that people will be leaders in their community just by being an informed citizen who will peacefully improve things that they believe to be wrong or unjust.

Zach Phillips
Red Wing FFA Reporter

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